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About Us

A shopping experience catering to individuals who desire a modern style at affordable prices.

History of the name:

The greatest teacher of my life, my daughter, Sianna, has given me the inspiration and strength to pursue my dream to open up a fashion boutique.

Shamirah boutique is an online shopping experience catering to the fashionista in you.

The name of the boutique comes from the collaboration of the owner's husband's name (Samir), and her mother's name (Shakuntala), who are both of Hindu descent. Samir in Hinduism means wind and Shakuntala derives from a Shakunt bird in India who is known to protect. A white lotus flower is seen in Shamirah's logo which symbolizes a pristine flower emerging from the murkiest of waters, also a tie to the owner's Hindu religion where Goddess Laxmi is seen on a Lotus flower. 

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